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Nov 3, 2013 7:30pm EST
happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> broadway's "great why way" proved to be a -- while the performers and audiences may change, the show goes on. after ten years, the business model is still defying gravity. ♪ defying gravity >> happy 10th anniversary, "wicked". >> the fact that the show has been going on for ten years on broadway, and nine countries around the world, it's a testament to fans. >> people come from all around to see the show. people have said i have seen it in singapore, i have seen it in japan, but i wantsed to come to broadway to see it. >> i thought that first night, well, that's different. >> it's all the ♪ popular ♪ i'll help you be popular >> nobody likes wicked by the audience,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1